Legal Agreement

Legal Agreements and Documentation Process

Ideal is based to fulfil the needs, expectations and hopes of people. Selling, buying and lettings property is the matter of commons future, financial and legal security. To make this process easier we have drafted the following type of documentation for making the Legal Agreement Process straightforward for all of our clients and users.

Here we have divided our legal documentation process according to the serving sections of our agency “”. The documents and legal agreement forms have been drafted in order to account the industry’s best practices, professional guidance, experts’ help and most relevant legislation of the country.

Different legal documents of services under property letting, management and buying can be used where the role of property agents is limited. Such types of legal documents must be signed by both of parties in hard copies as well.

The presence of a legal agreement and the related documents like AST and EPC are a must for all landlords in England and Wales (United Kingdom). If no legal agreement is found then the rights of yours as possessors and landlords would not be protected by the law of the country.

Legal Documentations type for Residential Property Sale, Buying and Lettings

IdealPropertiesNE’s Confidentiality Agreement
Confidential information will have all the confidential information that has been disclosed by the third party/landlord/buyer/tenant and management of

Valid Energy Performance certificate

Our letting agents can help you get one for your property

Legal Agreements for Residential Properties let, buy and sale:

  1. Residential Lettings Fully Managed Service
  2. Residential Tenancy agreement (AST) form for tenancy contracts
  3. Residential Lettings Terms and Conditions for Rent Collection Service
  4. Residential Lettings Terms and Conditions for Letting & Deposit Holding Service
  5. Residential Lettings Agreement and terms and conditions for lettings only
  6. Residential Lettings Appointment Form for Fully Managed Service
  7. Residential Lettings Agreement for Rent Collection
  8. Residential Lettings Agreement Letting & Deposit Service
  9. Residential Lettings Appointment Form Letting Only
  10. Landlord’s Approval of Letting Particulars Form
  11. Agency Agreement form and Terms & Conditions for Sole Selling Rights
  12. Agency Agreement form and Terms & Conditions for Joint Sole Rights
  13. Agency Appointment Form for Sole Selling Rights
  14. IdealPropertiesNE’ s Appointment Form for Sole Selling
  15. Seller’s Approval of Sale Particulars Form

Legal Documentations type for Commercial Property Let, Buy and Sale

  1. Commercial Property Letting & Management Service
  2. Commercial Property Letting Only Service
  3. Commercial Property Buying Only Service
  4. Commercial Property Management Only Service
  5. Commercial Property Appointment for Letting & Management Service
  6. Commercial Property Appointment for Letting Only Service
  7. Commercial Property Appointment for Management Only Service
  8. Landlord’s Approval of Property Particulars Form

A legal agreement acts as a legally binding contract between the landlord and tenant/buyer, it also entails the obligations and permissions applicable over the duration of the tenancy agreement, including the terms such as repayments, deposit and other costs involved.

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