Property Valuation

Condition of the property

A typical valuation range depends on the state of the property and how much work needs to be done going forward. By making basic improvements such as fixing the central heating or repairing any structural damage, a lot can be done to improve the value of a property with minimal financial sacrifice.

The location of the property

Where the property is located can also massively affect the price reached during valuation. The variable factors which come into play here are typically the likes of number of nearby schools, general amenities and the quality/value of surrounding housing – not to mention the specific city, town or region where the property is located.

The age of the property

The age of a property may have some say in what a tenant can expect from their new home. For example, older houses may have poor central heating or may be in a state of disrepair and require renovating. By giving a property the once-over it terms of modernisation, a lot can be done to improve value. It seems obvious, but worth noting regardless.

Any extension modifications to the property

Extensions may increase the value of your property dramatically; even a small extension such as a conservatory can act to increase value merely on account of the surplus square footage it provides.

The type

The type of home in question has a great deal of influence over the eventual valuation figure. By type, we typically mean whether or not it is a terrace, semi-detached or detached – though things such as the number of storeys comprising the building are also likely to come into play.

The market

The market of the moment has the final say in all domestic valuations. If the market is slow for a period then all homes valued during this time frame will generate smaller estimates. Our expert insights mean we can give advice as to the best action to take depending on the market of the current time.

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