Tenant Eviction

Professionals to guide you through the eviction process

There are strict rulings regarding the tenant eviction process and the law defines specific guidelines which must be followed. If anything is omitted from your process it can cause you problems in the future, in the event the tenant being evicted decides to take legal action against you.

When will the property be in your control again?

If the whole process goes according to the law then you’ll get your property back sooner rather than later.

Keeping you updated with the progress

You will be kept up to speed by our agents during the whole process – with an emphasis on the timeframe during which we expect the issue to be resolved. Hopefully everything will go as smoothly as possible, and if everything goes as planned you’ll only receive a handful of updates before being given the good news you’ve been waiting for.

Helping with all the legal proceedings

All of the legal documentation and court procedures can be taken care of by our agents. You will be guided through the process and offered advice on your obligations and requirements.

If you’re interested in our tenant eviction services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today, our team of reliable experts would be happy to help with any problem.

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