Tenant Finding

Securing References

We would perform referencing checks of each applicant along with credit checks, both of which are necessary before getting into a tenancy agreement.

Advertising your property

Your property will be shared by all of our existing tenancy applicants on-site; this will help you in your search through making your property readily available to more people, ultimately resulting in you finding tenants swiftly.

Arranging contracts and meetings

We will arrange for all of the required contractual legal documentation and will schedule for a meeting to take place between you and the tenant; during which the agreement can be signed and authenticated.

Helping you understand the legislation

It is important for you as a responsible landlord that you are aware of all legislation relating to the tenancy relationship you have committed to. We will make sure that you fully understand all the legislation documents so you know what you’re signing.


If you are interested in our tenant finding services then get in touch with our experienced property specialists, who would love to help you with any questions about any part of our service.

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